Birth Workshop

Active workshop with practical exercises and movement. We will focus on the optimal conditions for birthing hormones, oxytocin, and the benefits of an active approach to childbirth.  It is important to create an atmosphere for the birthing hormones to evolve in a proper and beneficial way. As a result you get better contractions, and at the same time pain relief. The workshop also focuses on how movements, rest and birth positions can promote childbirth and thus support the spontaneous and natural birth. We work with coping techniques, rebozo techniques, massage and acupressure. The workshop provides concrete tools for labour and pain management. Our goal is to strengthen the collaboration between the woman giving birth and her partner.

Key points:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Movements and resting positions for giving birth
  • Acupressure, massage, rebozo and tactile strokes
  • Partners support and role during birth

Please bring clothes suitable for an active workshop.

Pris: 1000 kr.

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