Birth Preparation

Get ready for childbirth!

Moderlivs unique birth preparation consists of 3 classes. The classes focus on specific knowledge and tools that will help you and your partner during childbirth and as a new family. We will teach both you and your partner skills and exercises to manage pain, to support natural birth and to prepare you for life as new parents. Avoid the most common beginner difficulties and strengthen your faith in yourself and your capability. The classes are taught by midwives with many years of experience from the delivery and maternity ward.

Read more about each class:

Birth Preparation – Class 1

Thorough antenatal class conveyed in a way so everybody can join.

We will guide you through the stages of childbirth from when it starts at home until the baby is born. We will introduce you to the danish hospital and health care system.

Key points:

  • Early signs of labour and when to call the hospital
  • Stages of labour. A normal childbirth from A-Z
  • Pain relief, natural and medical options
  • Possible complication or interventions in birth

Birth Preparation Workshop – Class 2

Active workshop with practical exercises and movement. We will focus on the optimal conditions for birthing hormones, oxytocin, and the benefits of an active approach to childbirth.  It is important to create an atmosphere for the birthing hormones to evolve in a proper and beneficial way. As a result you get better contractions, and at the same time pain relief. The workshop also focuses on how movements, rest and birth positions can promote childbirth and thus support the spontaneous and natural birth. We work with coping techniques, rebozo techniques, massage and acupressure. The workshop provides concrete tools for labour and pain management. Our goal is to strengthen the collaboration between the woman giving birth and her partner.

Key points:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Movements and resting positions for giving birth
  • Acupressure, massage, rebozo and tactile strokes
  • Partners support and role during birth

Please bring clothes suitable for an active workshop.

Baby, Breastfeeding and New Family – Class 3

How is life as new parents? How does the body feel after delivery? How do we know our baby is thriving? Important knowledge for every parent. Get off to a good start with breastfeeding and ability to assess your baby’s well being.  We will go through the most common scenarios and issues that can occur within the first weeks. You will get to know the necessary tools, tips and tricks. We review the baby’s signs of well-being as well as basic infant care.

Key points:

  • Infant care
  • Breastfeeding A-Z
  • Family life
  • Moms well-being
  • Post pregnancy body
  • Relationship, intimacy


  • Once you have signed up for the classes and paid, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal. This means that within the first 14 days after the purchase, we will refund the amount paid minus the transaction fee if you request it.
  • If you regret your purchase more than 14 days after purchase, we can offer a gift card for the full amount.
  • Repayment and issuance of gift cards only takes place if the request for cancellation is notified to the clinic in writing at least one week before participation in the first class.
  • If you have embarked on a birth preparation course – that is, have participated in one or two classes – it is no longer possible to undo the purchase.
  • The price applies to the pregnant woman and her partner
  • We also offer private classes

Pris: 2500-2700 kr.

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