Antenatal Classes

Be prepared for a practical workshop mixed with theory.

In this 4 hour workshop you and your partner will learn skills to teamwork during birth. As a support you are definitely the best pain relief especially combined with chosen coping strategies. Those have to be known before birth.

In the workshop You will learn:

  • How to create an atmosphere for the birthing hormones to evolve in a proper and beneficial way. As a result you get good contractions, and at the same time pain relief.
  • Practical and easy breathing techniques and how you, as a partner, can support the breath
  • Touch and massage techniques that gives relaxation during and in between contractions
  • Rebozo which is a mexican method with a scarf. The method facilitate relaxation, togetherness and contractions.

There will be time for questions and You will also be briefly introduced to medical pain relief and stages of birth.

Dates: 22/5 and 19/6

About the teacher:
Kristine is a danish midwife and movement therapist. She’s been teaching antenatal classes since 2012 in both hospitals and private settings. She works as a midwife in private and in hospitals.

Pris: 1500 kr.

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